Lois And Al    |    70x54 in    |    oil on canvas



Selfie With Sleeping Rubi    |    24x36 in    |    acrylic, pastel, and flashe on canvas



Pre-State Stones    |    various sizes ranging from 6x8 in - 7x9 in    |    graphite on paper


New Façade   |   various sizes ranging from 8in to 14in   |   oil on printed canvas



Jerusalem Stone Interventions    |    Jerusalem stones with oil pastel, dust, clay, acrylic paint, and tahini

City planning in the 1930’s under Britain's Sir Ronald Storrs called for all buildings in Jerusalem to be faced with limestone aka Jerusalem stone. In this piece, I use this ordinance as my canvas and added more materials.



Sky Jerusalem Stones   |   30x40 in |   acrylic, oil, spray paint,  graphite, and colored pencil on canvas



Susim Bamboo Jerusalem Stone    |   28x22 in |   oil on canvas